A School Tax Calculator To
Prepare For The Future

While there are many variables that determine your Geneva School Taxes, it is important that taxpayers are aware of what the future may hold. For this reason, GenevaTaxFACTS has developed a tax calculator based on past financial history and assumptions for future growth. You now have the ability to see what your school taxes might be over the next several years based on two different scenarios. The only information you need to input is the total school taxes you will pay in 2012 (June 4th & September 4th Due Dates).

REMEMBER! This is just the school portion of your tax bill. It does not take into account the other taxing bodies that get added to your bill.
Option 1 - Operating expenses will increase 2% per year for the next 16 years.
Option 2 - Operating expenses will increase per PMA Projections. (The Geneva School District uses PMA as an outside consultant for financial projections). PMA has provided projections for the next 6 years.

Dollar Amount of
2012 School Year Taxes

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