A Shakespearean Tragedy In The Making

Rick Holinger 
Kane County Chronicle, January 13, 2012                                                                                       

Once Macbeth becomes convinced he can murder Duncan and rule the country on his own, there’s no talking to him. Blind to his own downfall, he cuts himself off from

Do not increase the budget - Letter to School Board - 2008

Dear Sir:

Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts on next year’s budget.

Email to School Board - June 2009

I have been attending Geneva school board meetings on and off for over seven years and have to say that the Monday June 8th meeting was the strangest of all. During those years, I think that I have gained a good understanding of how the district operates. I certainly don’t know everything but know more than the average Geneva resident. I also understand that every member of the board gives freely of their time and provides a great service to the entire community. That said, I am sharing with you my thoughts on what I observed at the last meeting. I don’t expect a reply, I would just like each member to read my thoughts with an open mind and reflect on what was discussed and decided on at the meeting.

Facts from FACTS - School Board Meeting August 2009

Good evening and thank you for allowing me to address the school board tonight.

I wanted to share several FACTS with you this evening; by the way that is also the name of a group that I belong to FACTS - For Accountable Controlled Tax Spending