GenevaTaxFACTS hosts Community Town Hall Meeting on June 4th

On June 4, 2012,  GenevaTaxFACTS hosted a Community Town Hall Meeting  at the First Baptist Church in Geneva.  Founder of the group, Bob McQuillan,  presented an overview of the financial situation of the Geneva Community School District 304 and how property taxes could be affected over the next 10 years. As a solution, he presented the impact of a 5-5-5 reduction plan for the next three years in school district operating expenses. Attendees shared their opinions, asked questions and began the process of suggesting solutions. All local residents were welcome.  School board President, Mark Grosso was the only school board member in attendance.

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The presentation documentation is available for viewing or printing by clicking on the image.

Comments received in writing or verbally are listed in an attachment to this article. 

  Additional comments will be added, once the video is totally transcribed. The video is now available at

A school property tax calculator is now posted on this site.  The calculator enables residents to enter in the Geneva School District 304 tax amount from their current tax bill and see the projected increase in one of two ways.  

  • The 2% method is comprised of calcuations done by GenevaTaxFACTS based on an overall increase of 2% of operating expenses.  The numbers used for the calculations were taken from financial figures published by the school district.
  • The PMA method uses the calculations projected by the consulting firm that oversees our district financial planning.
The projections do not include projections for any other taxing bodies, just the school district portion of the bill which includes operating expenses and debt repayment.
Further information is available from both newspaper resources listed below:

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