Transportation & Busing

Administration Transportation Report - 2010

Full presentation on District 304 Comparative Transportation Cost Analysis by the School Administration.  Prepared 1/25/2010.

Quick Analysis of Tri-Cities School Busing Costs - 2006-2008

Cost Analysis of the Bus Buyback program as presented by the Geneva District Administration in approximately 2009. On a per student cost basis, did the Bus Buyback Program make sense when compared to St. Charles, Batavia & Kaneland school districts?

Full Comparison Of Tri-Cities School Busing Costs - 2006-2008

Report from information supplied to the State of Illinois showing a full cost comparison 2006-2008 for each of the Tri-Cities School Districts (Geneva, St. Charles, & Batavia).  Transportation costs are highlighted in blue.

Driver Salary Comparison

Attached is a comparison of bus driver compensation among local school districts and private bus companies.  The source is unknown as well as the date published though it is believed to be 2009.

There is no question that a bus driver is the first and last person to see every student and their role is vital to the safe and smooth operation of any transportation department.  That said, the salary and benefit structure can't be above the going market cost.