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Full Report Facility Utilization as of December 2010

Source: Kelley Munch – District Communications Department - January 2011 - Responses to questions emailed to the School Board. 
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1)  Current enrollment by grade level -The most current data is from December 31, 2010. District-wide, there are 60 preschoolers, 318 kindergarteners, 415 first graders, 410 second graders, 452 third graders, 440 fourth graders, 455 fifth graders, 465 sixth graders, 498 seventh graders, 473 eighth graders, 475 freshmen, 501 sophomores, 464 juniors, and 487 seniors.  

2)  Total capacity of each school
Fabyan                          550
Harrison                        550
Heartland                      550
Mill Creek                      564
Western                        561
Williamsburg                 550
GMS South                   1281 (includes Friendship Station)
GMS North                    1100
GHS                              1800 

3)  Current enrollment by school - Again, these numbers are from December 31, 2010. There are 60 students enrolled at Friendship Station, 342 students at Fabyan, 435 students at Harrison, 452 students at Heartland, 392 students at Mill Creek, 328 students at Western, 541 students at Williamsburg, 721 students at GMS North, 715 students at GMS South, and 1,927 students at GHS. IN ADDITION, Geneva School District houses classes for the Mid-Valley Special Education Co-Op, which includes many Geneva students, in five of our buildings. The enrollments for those classes are: 17 students at Western, 8 students at Fabyan, 5 students at Mill Creek, 6 students at GMS South, and 8 students at GHS.

The master facility plan of 2006 allowed for capacity to grow. In the near term, the extra capacity has allowed the District to bring Mid Valley Special Education classes to our buildings, saving on transportation and tuition costs.            

This response also shows how different design eras pose challenges to today’s facility use. Today’s buildings have space allowed for today’s needs such as special education, computer labs, advanced enrichment, occupational therapy/physical therapy, bi-lingual/English Language Learning, math/reading tutors, itinerant hearing, speech/language pathology, etc. Older designed buildings such as Harrison and Western were built in an era where these types of class spaces weren’t even thought of, many of which are mandated to us. This had caused us to creatively use existing building space to accommodate these needs. 

4)  In addition to board meetings, what is Coultrap facility being used for?   Are any personnel operating out of the building?  Board meetings twice/month; School District in-service training; Police Department training 2-4 times per year; Park District weekend gym use; School District lower-level athletic practices when space is needed. 

We have no personnel assigned to the building. Because of the use of the building for various activities, we do periodically clean the used parts of the building: the auditorium, the large gym and the adjacent bathrooms.

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