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How Do I Get Involved?

IT'S TIME! Time for you to join the cause! There are lots of ways to particpate and make sure your money is being spent how you think it should be. Below are three ways for you to get involved.  

1. Join GenevaTaxFACTS by using the form on the right and find out more about how the school board can do better to educate taxpayers on budget issues and work to keep expenses from becoming a burden. You will gain a better understanding of why taxes have increased 121% since 2000 while enrollment has only increased 31% during the same period!  You'll see that this happened because no unified taxpayer group was watching until Geneva TaxFACTS arrived!

2. Attend a School Board Meeting so you can decide firsthand if you are getting appropriately informed on issues at these meetings as well as voice your opinions. Don't know where to go? Use the map provided below!

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3. Send a letter to the local papers to voice your concerns as well as to help inform all citizens of how these issues are and will impact us! Use the links provided below to contact the papers

bullet nb_box-blue_check The Beacon News-Sun Times On-line form link
bullet nb_box-blue_check Kane County Chronicle
400 word maximum
bullet nb_box-blue_check Daily Herald
Maximum of 300 words. We also invite you to attach a digital photograph of yourself, at least 300 dpi, for publication. Include your name, town, and day and evening phone numbers. All submissions are considered for publication in print and online. No letter will be published anonymously. All Letters are subject to editing. We do not guarantee that every letter will be published.
bullet nb_box-blue_check Geneva Republican
Maximum of 300 words. Must include first and last name, town and a phone number for verification. We may edit them for content and length. Deadline is 4 p.m. Monday for each week’s paper
bullet nb_box-blue_check  Geneva Patch