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Facts from FACTS - School Board Meeting August 2009

Good evening and thank you for allowing me to address the school board tonight.

I wanted to share several FACTS with you this evening; by the way that is also the name of a group that I belong to FACTS - For Accountable Controlled Tax Spending

  1. I do not advocate reducing teachers salaries in the Geneva School District
  2. I understand the value of an excellent education, I have an MBA from one of the top universities on the East Coast, my wife is a graduate of Immaculate College, one of the best private colleges on the East Coast, my oldest son is a soma cum laude graduate of Purdue Universitiy School of Engineering, my second son graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a double major in Finance & Economics and my youngest daughter is currently a senior at Illinois Sate University majoring in Elementary Education.
  3. I do oppose wasteful spending of taxpayers money
  4. I have attended Geneva school board meetings on a consistent basis for over 7 years
  5. According to the Geneva District website, over the last two years plus the projected budget for this year the operating fund for the district has a deficit of 3.75 million dollars
  6. Revenue has increased over this same time period but expenses have risen even higher
  7. The district's total revenue for 2009-10 will increase $4.2 million dollars due to a 4.7% tax levy
  8. Salaries will increase 3.0 million, benefits will increase $400,000, cost for supplies will increase $873,000 and we will spend $14.1 for bond and interest payments
  9. Less construction costs, the projected total budget for 09-10 increases $8.9 million dollars over 08-09.
  10. Projected total district enrollment will increase by two students
  11. In the 07-08 school year, the district had 22 administrative positions with a total salary of over $2.5 million (this is the most recent salary information that is available through the Teacher Retirement System)
  12. In the 2005-06 school year the previous Geneva superintendent ranked 156 in top administrative salaries in the state at $191,737, in 2006-07 our current superintendent ranked 175 at $194,631 and in 2007-08 he ranked 120 at $210,985. The 2008-09 school year salary is not published yet
  13. In the two year period 2006 to 2008, we had 13 administrators receive salary increases of more than $10,000
  14. Two received increases of more than $30,000, Five received increases of more than $20,000 and Six received between $11,992 and $16,354.

Thank you,

Bob McQuillan 

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