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Tax Levy - Email to School Board December 2011

(December 15, 2011, Sent via email to Geneva School Board)

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the latest school board meeting on December 12, regarding the tax increase of 1.5%. It seems as in previous years, certain members of this board as well as the school administrators are not inclined to listen or allow public comment on why taxes need to raised year after year.

So that I may better understand the rationale for the yearly tax increases I would appreciate answers to the following:

  1. 1.Who recommended (board or school administration the 2.7% increase for the 2011 – 2012 budget as well as the recent 1.5% increase? Please provide the name(s) of these individuals.
  2. 2.What was the justification for this increase?
  3. 3.What spending cuts or staff reduction could have been enacted to offset the 2.7% and 1.5% increase?
  4. 4.Will school administrators be willing to reduce their pay by XX% to help the district?

In addition to the above questions, please provide answers to the following;

  1. 1.Seniors living in the community on a fixed income are being faced with rising taxes, medical costs, and medicare premiums. Should Obamacare take effect, medicare yearly premiums for seniors could rise to $6,000 plus for a couple in the coming years. Currently, seniors pay around $200.00 per month for medicare.
    1. A.How does the school district expect seniors to pay the taxes with increase in medicare premiums?
  1. 2.The contract for the teachers is coming up.
    1. A.Is this board and administration willing to hold the line on salaries when many in the community have been been out of work for months or have note received pay increase for the past three to four years?


  1. 3.It is my understanding that the district has spent nearly $5,000 to replace LCD Projectors that were stolen.
    1. A.What procedures have been initiated to ensure that this trend does not continue?

Please respond in writing to the above prior to next scheduled school board meeting.


Fred A. Dresser

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