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Contracts & Salaries

The Next Teachers Contract & The New State Laws

February 2, 2012
Posted by Bob McQuillan

It is extremely important that the Geneva School Board is represented by an attorney that understands the collective bargaining part of the new school law (formerly SB 7) very well.  Under the new law, after good faith negotiations, either side can declare the sides are at impasse.  Posting the last offer on the web is required by the new law.

Once impasse is declared, each side has 1 or 2 weeks to send their last offer to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB) and the Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE). The IELRB posts both sides' last offers on its website

At this point, a few things can happen. The teachers can strike, or sue the district for unfair labor practices. Or the sides can continue to talk, but generally without formal proposals.

Prior to the new law, if the school year starts and the last contract has expired, teachers would work under the terms of the expired contract. Under the new law, the Board can "implement" or "impose" its last offer, the one it sent to the IELRB.

Teacher & Bus Driver Contracts

Teacher's Retirement Information

There is constant talk about pensions and how the state can't sustain the current pension plan into the future. Ever wonder what the teacher's retirement plan includes?  Attached are the Teacher's Retirement System and the Retiree Health Insurance Plan.  

Did you know that our School District spent $125,000 of your tax money on "retirement enhancements" when several teachers retired in 2009-2010?

The Future of Collective Bargaining In Illinois

Is change in the wind?  Newsletter commentary from Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP - July 2011.

Administration Practices-Various Information

The following articles concern how the superintendent works with the Board of Education, the administration's own study on compensation, articles on superintendent compensation, and Dr. Mutchler's expenses from his employment start date in April 2006 until October 2007. The length of time and the money reimbursed for his move seems unusual, though it was approved by the Board of Education.